Sarah Douglas has had an acting career that has spanned over four decades. Probably best known for her starring role in the Warner Brothers blockbuster Superman playing the memorable supervillian Ursa. For the next twenty years Sarah became a familiar face on American and UK screens. Her many performances are listed below.


Film Director Company
Displacement Kenneth Mader
Strippers vs Werewolves Jonathan Glendening
Changing Directions Maria Essen Essential Films
Asylum James Seale Westside Productions
The Demolitionists Robert Kurzman A-pix Entertainment
Spitfire Albert Pyum Trimar
Conan the Destroyer Richard Fleischer Universal
Solarbabies Alan Johnson MEM/UA
Superman II Richard Lester Warner Bros
Superman: the Movie Richard Donner Warner Bros
The People That Time Forgot Kevin Connor A.I.P
To The Ends Of Time Markus Rothkranz Imperial
Beastmaster Silvio Tebbit Republic Pictures
The Final Programme Robert Fuest
Dali Antonio Ribas
Return of the Living Dead 3 Brian Yuzna
Nightfall Paul Mayersburg
Steele Justice Robert Boris Paramount
Monster Mash – The Movie Michael Kates Spelling Entertainment
Mirror Mirror 2 Jimmy Lifton Bixley Pictures
The Brute Gerry O’Hara
Television Director Company
Emmerdale Brett Fallis ITV
Witchville Pearry Teo SyFy Channel
Doctors Brett Fallis BBC 1
The Brief 2 Minky Spiro ITV1/Granada
Falcon Crest (Series Regular) Earl Hammer CBS
Gryphon Andrew Prowse Active Entertainment
Stepford Husbands Mitch Engel CBS
V. The Final Battle (Series Regular) Richard Theffron NBC
Stargate SG – 1 Richard Dean Anderson Showtime
Tagget Lifetime
Murder, She Wrote Angela Lansbury Productions CBS
Matlock Dean Hargrove Viacom
Magnum P.I Glen A. Larson ABC
Remington Steele Kevin Inch VPN
Sledge Hammer New World Television VPN
Babylon 5 John Copeland VPN
Father Dowling Mysteries Dean Hargrove CBS
LA Heat Richard Pepin Syndicated
The Professionals Brian Clemens / Albert Fennell LWT
Bergerac Robert Banks Stewart BBC
Return of the Saint Robert Baker / Lew Grade ITV
The Howerd Confessions Philip Saville Thames Television
Meriel. The Ghost Girl Philip Saville BBC Playhouse
Space:1999 Val Guest ITC Entertainment
Hotel Douglas Kramer Spelling Productions
Theatre Director Company
The Hallowe’en Sessions Sean Hogan Leicester Square Theatre, London
Gomes Emily Peter Coe Queens Theatre, London
Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something! Wallace Douglas UK Tour
Roast Beef Clytamnestra Alcus Kritikos Riverside Studios
Hamlet Gertrude Robert Williamson RJ & Williamson Co