Being Age Appropriate

Yesterday a couple of things happened that set the tone of my blog this month. I always toss ideas around for ages before I get to setting pen to paper ( yes I do still use them) and I sort of felt that I knew what I wanted to write about, but it has still taken a couple of serious shoves for me to actually get going. Yesterday I went into ... More

Doctor Who

Having spent so much of my career working in the science fiction and fantasy genre it might come as a small surprise to some to discover that I am not a particular fan. I have watched and enjoyed some recommended movies and TV but honestly would rather be gardening. The exception to the rule is Doctor Who. I got on board with David Tennant ... More

This month it’s all about flying.

This month it’s all about flying.  Superman and airplanes and general flying around… I enjoyed my evening at the Man of Steel screening.  I adored Henry and honestly harboured somewhat racy thoughts as he first exposed that fab physique.  He really made an old girl happy. It occurred to me that Christopher Reeve was such a good ... More

June 2013

So what has prompted me to finally pull my finger out and do another blog? Simple, it’s time for another Superman and I cannot let the opportunity pass by without commenting on past/present and general Super/related incidents! This month saw my reunion with Terence Stamp at the British Film Institute. I haven't seen him for easily 25 years ... More

October 2012

It is a wonderfully busy time for me. There is plenty of audio work to do and that in itself is a challenge. There is also the play The Hallowe’en Sessions that will be at the Leicester Square theatre at the end of October. It will only run for a week and will be a little like a show case in that we all hope some fabulous producer will ... More

June to September 2012

The Royal Jubilee weekend was a truly fabulous one for me. I love the Queen and I get very over excited at parades and marching bands etc. so the whole glitzy and colourful affair was a delight for me. Rain and all.  I spent the very best day of the long weekend at Buckingham Palace courtesy of my long-time friend Grace Jones. Her invitation ... More

September to November 2011

Happy New Year to one and all and I know that it is the time to look forward and get excited at upcoming events and adventures but I am afraid we are going to have to commence this leg of my blog by going backwards! I can only promise that this year of 2012 I shall try much, much harder to be up to date with my blog. I have lots to say ... More

August 2011

I am starting this second blog somewhat tentatively as I haven’t yet launched the first one. Well I say I, but in fact it is my wonderful, whizzy, fabulous, computer literate friend Matt who is actually in charge. With his company Starfish Consultants he has transformed my life. It is he who designed and created my website and it is he, ... More

June/July 2011

It has taken me quite some time to get to grips with the business of keeping or is it writing a blog. I have battled with decisions over whether it is like a diary or notes on momentous events in my life or mere drivel. Confused over format and worried about just rambling on I have tried jotting down notes whenever it felt appropriate and ... More