The Lives of Captain Jack

1. The Year After I Died by Guy Adams Set in the year 200,101, on an Earth ravaged by the Daleks, Jack struggles to save humanity from its oldest enemy. 2. Wednesdays For Beginners by James Goss Jack and Jackie Tyler must unite to rescue the Powell Estate from a force whose name Jackie can never say. 3. One Enchanted Evening ... More

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 5

Sarah returns as Dorothy Parker in The Valley of Nightmares in the fifth series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray from Big Finish Productions. Los Angeles, 1948. Reunited in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, Dorian Gray and Dorothy Parker quickly find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that takes them behind-the-scenes of the region’s ... More


Mary Shelley was a prominent English writer in the early 19th century. Shelley also promoted the work of her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was one of the greatest poets in literature. Shelley is now best known for her gothic fiction, especially the classic novel Frankenstein. Mathilda is a novel that tells the twisted life story of a ... More

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 2

Sarah stars as Dorothy Parker in Murder on 81st Street in the second series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray from Big Finish Productions. New York, 1939. Running into his old friend Dorothy Parker on the street, Dorian finds himself accompanying her to the opening of an antiquities exhibition. But when one of the guests is murdered, ... More

Doctor Who – Prisoners of Fate

Sarah stars as Sibor in Prisoners of Fate in the latest series of Doctor Who from Big Finish Productions. Twenty-five years ago, with Richter's Syndrome running rampant throughout the galaxy, the brilliant biochemist Nyssa, formerly of Traken, bade a painful farewell to her young family... and set off into the space, in search of a cure ... More

Superman II Q&A at the BFI

Sarah was reunited with Terence Stamp at the BFI in London for a screening of Superman II and a Q & A session. The two actors discuss the making of Superman II, and introduce a rare screening of Richard Donner's cut of the film. More

Nowhere Girl

Estranged from her second husband, Jonathan, Clare Lyall is less sure than ever about the role men should play in her life. Her first husband, Richard, was much older than her, and his casual disregard for youth gradually hardened into indifference. And Jonathan, if anything, was too easy - too attentive, too concerned, and just a little ... More


Sarah has recently been working on Kenneth Mader's latest film DISPLACEMENT. In this mind-bending paranormal thriller by award-winning Writer-Director Kenneth Mader, a young physics student must find a way to reverse a deadly quantum time anomaly and solve the murder of her fiancé while battling short-term memory loss and time slips caused ... More

New audiobooks

Sarah was recently in the recording studio narrating the Age of Five fantasy audiobook trilogy - the audiobooks are now completed & available! Check out the links below to order the titles. Priestess of the White (Book 1) When Auraya was chosen to become a priestess, she could never have believed that a mere 10 years later she ... More

The Hallowe’en Sessions

Sarah will be starring in The Hallowe'en Sessions at London's Leicester Square Theatre for a limited run. A group of mental patients gather for a therapy session to each recount the terrifying events that caused them to lose their minds. But is their mysterious therapist all she appears to be, and will her course of treatment prove to be ... More

Doctor Who – The Adventure Games

Sarah recently recorded voice work for the new BBC Doctor Who interactive games. Playing the part of Professor Meadows in the second game where the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond encounter the Cybermen. The first episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will be available to download for PC and Mac from in June 2010. ... More

Radio interview

Interview with Sarah Douglas on BBC Radio London Sarah was recently interviewed on the JoAnne Good show on BBC Radio London. Click the link below to listen to the interview. More

Next Magazine

In January, the French magazine NEXT published an article on Sarah's recent adventures in China filming Witchville. The article includes plenty of photos taken by Sarah during her time there. The article is available as an Adobe PDF below (Adobe Reader required and can be downloaded from View article More

Conan the Destroyer 25th Anniversary screening

Sarah will be back in L.A. to attend the 25th Anniversary screening of Conan the Destroyer. The screening takes place on Saturday October 24 at 11:59pm at the New Beverly Cinema. Update: Due to work commitments Sarah won't now be attending the screening, she sends her apologies and hopes to make it to another screening soon. More

Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa

Sarah has been back in the recording studio to record a new audio drama for Big Finish, "Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa" will be out later this year. Sarah plays the part of Mary Christmas. Listen to Trailer More


Sarah is currently filming in China, where she is playing the part of the Red Queen in a TV movie for the SyFy channel called Witchville. More information and photos soon! More

BBC Radio 4 Sci-Fi week

Sarah Douglas, Derek Jacobi, Catherine McCormack, Jason Isaacs and Alex Jennings are all lined up to star in BBC Radio’s forthcoming sci-fi season. They will be joined by Merlin actor Colin Morgan and Teachers’ Natasha Little in the season, which is a cross-station initiative involving BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7 that will ... More

Falcon Crest

If you are a fan of big hair and even bigger shoulders then you will be pleased to hear that Falcon Crest is currently being aired in the UK on CBS Drama (Sky channel 149 and Freesat channel 135). More

BBC TV Doctors

The episode of BBC TV's Doctors starring Sarah will be screened at 1.45pm on Wednesday 12th November. If you miss it UK viewers can watch it on BBC iPlayer for 7 days following transmission The role is somewhat of a departure for Sarah and sees her playing a post-operative transexual. More

The Brightonomicon on BBC7

Sarah was one of the recording artistes on the first ever full-cast dramatic adaptation of Robert Rankin's best-selling novel "The Brightonomicon". It was released by BBC Audiobooks as a 7 hr CD box-set and worldwide digital download on February 14th 2008. Starting Saturday August 23rd at 6.30pm and for the next 13 weeks, BBC7 plays host ... More