Gallifrey: Time War 3

Written by David Llewellyn, Lou Morgan & Helen Goldwyn

Romana and Narvin are exiles, driven from Gallifrey by Rassilon’s regime and cut adrift amid the horrors of the Time War. Their one remaining hope is that they can find their friend: Leela was also lost in the maelstrom of battle, but she is fighting to survive…


Lalla Ward (Romana)
Louise Jameson (Leela)
Seán Carlsen (Narvin)
Omar Austin (Rayo)
Suzanne Bertish (Aldis)
Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)
Lorna Brown (Veega)
Sarah Douglas (Drah)
Mark Elstob (Qatal)
Maxine Evans (Renucha)
Sam Hallion (Sholan)
Leah Harvey (Trellick)
Robert Jezek (Jarred McKenzie)
Will Kirk (Kraumer)
Lucy Reynolds (Agata)
Wilf Scolding (Ivar)

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