This month it’s all about flying.

This month it’s all about flying.  Superman and airplanes and general flying around…

I enjoyed my evening at the Man of Steel screening.  I adored Henry and honestly harboured somewhat racy thoughts as he first exposed that fab physique.  He really made an old girl happy. It occurred to me that Christopher Reeve was such a good Superman that I only ever thought honourable thoughts about Truth and Justice and the rest. Somehow it wouldn’t have seemed right to have thought otherwise.  But Oh Henry….a different kettle of fish, Sir.

VP and sarah 2I went to a marvellous cinema in San Antonio Texas.  It seemed so appropriate to be sitting with Valerie Perrine whilst watching MoS and even better it was a cinema that fed and watered you as you sat there. Brilliant. Thanks to my new Texas friends Julienne and Chris we all had a thoroughly good evening.  I know Valerie won’t mind me saying that she told us later that she loathed the movie. She even managed to sleep through a bit of it.  Can’t imagine how, as I found it so noisy and so visual.  It assaulted my senses. Too much.  Like a noisy, violent video game.

The kids around all seemed to love it and I think that’s right. This is their time.  My lot have all had ours and 30 years have passed since the original Superman came out.  Times and taste change.  But where was the humour?  Where was the marvellous relationship between Clark and Lois?  I missed so many things.

Because I keep on being asked about my feelings towards the new Zod and Faora I must add my thoughts but honestly don’t feel it really necessary. These guys are just SO different from our villains.  I really do think that considering we were dressed in organza and had no armour etc…we still were so much more menacing. They were certainly aliens but too futuristic for me.  Ours were simple and moved in unison. A trick that Terry Stamp came up with. He said we needed to be a little different from others on screen. After all we were aliens so he suggested we just moved in together.   Subtle and effective and consequently we floated along.  Very successfully I think.

Whilst Stateside I was able to meet up again with the director of DISPLACEMENT.  I wanted to find out how things are going with funding the movie and in particular how his crowdfunding  project was coming along.

displacement (2)I have committed to this work even though the money to fund it is not all in place. It will be and what is exciting is the enthusiasm of the director, Ken Mader and his team. I am also working on the theory that as I have dug deep on a few different projects hopefully others will for this.  On other funding projects I have donated money and not really had much feedback .  With this you get continual updates and different perks and opportunities so you actually feel like you’re part of the team.  It’s almost as if your part of the production team.

I have had to have some lessons in the art of crowdfunding as it is a relatively new concept. Basically though it is simply a way an individual can reach a goal by receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties.  It’s a chance for fans or ‘the crowd’ to help fund things that they want to see created and brought into the world.  What a bloody brilliant concept!

As I said this is my first experience of working on a project that is funded this way but quite honestly I like knowing where I stand. I recently had a horrendous experience where there was a complete lack of honesty and good will and more important FUNDS. People didn’t get paid. With DISPLACEMENT everyone knows what is happening at every step of the way.

I do urge you to consider investing, even a small amount. With our help and support there is a real chance to get this independent picture onto the big screen.  In this day it is increasingly difficult even for established artists to get films financed through traditional means so this is all our chances to get involved and make it happen. You can find out more at

Meanwhile the summer is upon us. I had a wonderful time in San Antonio and Texas Comicon and look forward to my next convention which will be at the end of August in Cardiff.

isleofwightBefore I go there I have my annual holiday with my elderly mother. We do hope Mum enjoys herself and it’s a relaxing, happy time. She will be 92 in September and I imagine she might not want to travel this time next year. Hope she does but its ok if she just wants to stay home.

A quick footnote…

I have just returned from  a  wonderful holiday with my holiday with my mother and sister and the sun never stopped shining. Hurray.
I am also busy trying to schedule my flight back to LA for my final few days of shooting Displacement so  things are looking good in that area…..

Once again I am going to try harder to keep more up to date with my blog…No promises though