Voice reels

Over the past decade Sarah has developed her repertoire further with voice overs and playing numerous characters in a variety of animated series. Most recently Sarah can be heard using her vocal talents in a number of Doctor Who computer games for the BBC as well as voice-overs for Disney Junior.




Voice Overs / Animated Series / Audio Drama Company
nowheregirlsmlNowhere Girl Narrator Audible
classichorrorClassic Tales of Horror Narrator Audible
cd1Priestess of the White Narrator Audible
cd2Last of the WildsNarrator Audible
cd3Priestess of the White Narrator Audible
dwlogoDoctor Who Sibor Big Finish
voice_greenlanternGreen Lantern Guest Warners
voice_batmanBatman Recurring Warners
voice_supermanSuperman Recurring Warners
voice_doctorwhoDoctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen Professor Meadows BBC
voice_doctorwhoDoctor Who: TARDIS The Entity BBC
voice_doctorwhoDoctor Who: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada Jones BBC
voice_gargoylesGargoyles Guest Disney
voice_jonnyJonny Quest: The Real Adventures Guest Warners
voice_ironmanIron Man Guest New World
voice_heavygearHeavy Gear Recurring Adelaide Prods
voice_unboundDoctor Who: Unbound Gillen Big Finish
voice_irisIris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa Mary Big Finish
voice_sapphiresteelSapphire & Steel Lady Marjorie Big Finish
voice_tomorrowThe Tomorrow People The President Big Finish
voice_stargateStargate-SG1 Guest Big Finish
voice_brightonomiconThe Brightonomicon Nurse Hearse, Lady In The Straw Hat & Old Lady BBC